Helpful Links

Son of a Lich  - Blog of a very well regarded Death Knight and theorycrafter

Elitist Jerks Forums - Questions, answers, theorycrafting, and class guides

WoWPedia - An encyclopedia for WoW

WoWWiki - A wonderful knowledge compendium of WoW.

WoWHead - Everything/anything WoW related.

WoWReforge - A highly recommended reforge calculator.

MMO-Champion - A wonderful source of MMO news.

MMO Melting Pot - Another source of MMO news, reviews, and blogs.

WoWDB - A database of items, spells, and much much more.

WoW-Heroes - Get your character's gear & progress compared to others!

Curse - Find and manage addons to make WoW more comfortable and efficient.

Tankspot - Excellent resource for class guides, news, raid guides and all sorts of other information about raiding in WoW.

Icy-Veins - The resource my guild and I use for our primary raid strategy  guides. Highly recommended! They also are branching out into class guides and other goodies.

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