Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who is this Kalc guy?

Kalc is my wow-pseudonym, short for "Kalcaryen", the name of my main.

And no, I don't have an impressive pedigree. I've been playing since the summer of 2010 (a wrath baby and a newb!). As I'm sure you are going to quickly find- I'm not in one of the top-tier raiding guilds, or even on a raid-centric server. Nor do I accomplish a ton of heroic progression or competitive PvP. I play WoW for fun, and to hang out with my friends. I do take my own PvE performance very seriously, however that isn't forced upon me by my guild or anyone else.

For lack of said pedigree, I'm not going to sit here on this blog and preach the do's and don'ts. Instead I'll be pointing those interested towards good information and resources for Death Knights. I will offer my own conclusions on these sources (otherwise this blog won't be much more than a Google search!), but that will most likely be the extent of the theorycrafting.

As for the man behind the Death Knight- I'm a 20-something ( :P ) Minnesotan working in the IT field as a server administrator and helpdesk technician. That's fancy talk for scapegoat and whipping boy for all computer related problems. 

No, I will not fix your computer, unless you work for my company, then I have a contractual obligation to do so.

I do custom build computers and will probably also post some stuffs about gaming hardware and the like. As fair warning: I am a huge Linux enthusiast, so don't get me started. I am also a novelist in my free time.